You'll never know how the weight of your words fileted my chest
The way you opened me up to the possibility that you were more
And I let you in, with all your personal questions
Answered, without hesitation

Though here now, with your stink finger pointed at me
Accusatory tone, and conclusions drawn so quickly
It's difficult not to notice brown stains your lips
Then laugh, with sincerity

You're lifting like a balloon
Rising on pyres of bullshit
Smirking like a deviant with a camera
Snapping photos of the moment
When you burned the woman you couldn't be


A poem written for a woman who put a lot of work into making a prize of herself, while waiting for a man who is worth a pinch of shit.

And Screaming and Cunty and Running Your Mouth

She readily admits she's not good enough for me and I'll never deny it. That's no reason for me to love her any less though. ;)

C# Coded UI Automation and Unit Test Experiment

This experiment explores unit testing and coded UI testing, integrated with the development of a library consumed by a user interface, in Visual Studio 2013 Premium. You can download the source from github at To use this solution you'll need Visual Studio Ultimate or Premium as the other editions don't support Coded UI tests. You can currently download a trial for either version if you'd like to do some experimenting. After opening the solution run BUILD -> Clean Solution, then BUILD -> Build Solution. Everything should compile without errors. If you have trouble, file an issue on the github repo and I'll try to fix it.


She wanted to know the truth. She kept asking about how a man got to be so "Glorious". So I told her all about the conditions it takes to make a man who can love just because. I didn't mean to upset her. All I intended to say was that life is what you make it, so why cry over the little things, why waste time being angry...