C# Coded UI Automation and Unit Test Experiment

This experiment explores unit testing and coded UI testing, integrated with the development of a library consumed by a user interface, in Visual Studio 2013 Premium. You can download the source from github at https://github.com/matthewkastor/AutomationAndTestExperiment/ To use this solution you'll need Visual Studio Ultimate or Premium as the other editions don't support Coded UI tests. You can currently download a trial for either version if you'd like to do some experimenting. After opening the solution run BUILD -> Clean Solution, then BUILD -> Build Solution. Everything should compile without errors. If you have trouble, file an issue on the github repo and I'll try to fix it. https://github.com/matthewkastor/AutomationAndTestExperiment/issues

Atropa Server

A simple http server for node with autoindexing and lazy module loading.

JavaScript Tables and Two Dimensional Arrays

Ever want an easy way of converting a two dimensional array into an HTML table in JavaScript? Would you like to access items in a two dimensional JavaScript array by aliasing rows and columns? Now you can!

JavaScript object merge

Ever wanted to merge several javascript objects into one object? What about merging JavaScript functions or arrays? Now you can!

JavaScript object walker

Ever wanted to recursively iterate through an object and its properties without writing all that boilerplate code? Now you can!

JavaScript object foreach

Ever wished JavaScript had a forEach function for dealing with objects? Now it does!